Dry Pipe Sprinkler Compressors

Swan Dry Pipe Sprinkler Compressors have been relied upon by the fire protection industry for over 40 years.  Swan Compressors are use high quality rugged components for an exceptionally long service life.  The philosophy behind manufacturing process of Swan Compressors is the extremely high quality, durable products deliver the best long-term value and lowest total cost of ownership to our customers.  It is this commitment to quality upon which our products are designed and upon what we have built our reputation over the past 40 years.

In an industry where reliability is of paramount importance, you simply can’t afford to use low performance equipment.  Whether you are a fire protection contractor or resident of a building, having to make repeated service calls to troubleshoot a piece of equipment is an expensive hassle that leaves everyone unhappy.  At Swan we take quality seriously.  We have been making very durable units and refining our product for over four decades.  Every component has been chosen solely for its reliability and every unit goes through a full regiment of tests prior to leaving our facility.


  • Solid cast iron pump construction
  • Sized to meet NFPA-13 pump up time requirements
  • Fully enclosed belt guard
  • Very quiet operation
  • Over-pressure protection standard
  • Low maintenance
  • No-load start-up
  • Oil & tank drain extensions
  • Exceptionally long service life
  • All units fully tested prior to shipping
  • Custom packages readily available

Technical Data

  • 1/3 to 5 HP
  • 2 – 29 CFM air delivery
  • Wide selection of pressure ranges to match requirements
  • Base or tank mounted
  • Splash lubricated
  • Available for any voltage / frequency
  • Single stage, high capacity pump